Developing English Listening Skills

Developing English Listening Skills

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You will understand what to do when you don’t follow the speech, how to deal with different accents, how your English Listening Daily Routine empowers your Listening skills, and how to lead phone conversations with confidence 


1.1: On-Campus Guide.

1.2: Course Outline.

1.3: How it works.

1.4: Book your Individual Session with Anna.

1.5: Book your Individual Session with Dària.

2. Removing Common Mistakes when Listening.

3. Pronunciation as a key to boost Listening Skills.

4. Lazy Listening Technique. Relaxing Practice.

5. Shadowing Technique. Daily Short Listenings Practice.

6. Three filters technique. Your English Listening Daily Routine.

7. Guided Practice Exercises.

8. Telephoning. Practice make perfect.

9. Guided Practice Exercises.

10. Final Exam

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 Dària Valadzko
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