General English Speaking Practice

General English Speaking Practice

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You will achieve conversation fluency much faster than normal, master idioms learned in this course, sound like a native speaker when  it comes to the course’s topics, and NOTtranslate concepts.


1.1: On-Campus Guide. Guía didáctica de la plataforma de estudios.

1.2: Course Outline.

1.3: How it works.

1.4: Book your Individual Session with Anna.

1.5: Book your Individual Session with Dària.

2. Plans for the Holiday Season. Everyday Conversations.

3. Housing. My Home Tour. Speaking Activities.

4. Talking about Daily Routines with Phrasal Verbs.

5. Food, Restaurants and Cooking. Eating Out Pronunciation Challenges.

6. Places in the city. Useful Vocabulary to speak like native people do.

7. Small Talks. Practice make perfect.

8. English Idioms & Common Sentence Patterns

9. Art of asking questions.

10. Final Exam

 Anna Valadzko
 Dària Valadzko